The Following is a partial list of David Pleasant recordings:

Unplugged CD (1993) Arrested Development EMI

Unplugged DVD (1993) Arrested Development Viacom/MTV

Process (2003) James Mc Bride Cuddy Sounds

Swing MASA (1998) Masa Sorcerer Sound New York City CD

Spirits Before CD (1995) Charles Gayle Silkheart Records

Repent CD (1992) Charles Gayle Knitting Factory Records

Charles Gayle Trio / Homeless (1988) Charles Gayle Silkheart Records 116

Nick Russo+11 Ro (2006) Nick Russo Nick Russo Recordings

Smile Again (2006) Miles Griffith, Tony Pancella Miles Griffith Recordings

Djoukoujou CD (2009) On Ka'a Davis Tzadik Records

Spiritual Freedom (1999) Miles Griffith Miles Griffith Recordings

Muhheankuntuk (2007) Patrick Brennen Clean Feed, CF081CD

Premonition (2000) Jason Lindner And Ensemble, Stretch Records SCD-9026-2

Expanded Interpretations (2002) Vered Dekel/Miles Griffith Griffith Brothers Records

Voice Of The Projects CD (1993) Mark Batson Polydor, 2589249

Apothecary Rx (2004) Carl Hancock-Rux Giant Step Records

Marie Christine (2000) Audra Mc Donald RCA Victor

If You Believe (2009) Rosena Hill cdbaby/Indys

Jack's Big Music Show DVD (2006) Jack in the Bean Stalk David Pleasant/Riddimathon! Nickelodeon/Viacom

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters (1988/2006) Lavar Burton Reading Rainbow DVD

Brave New World DVD (2007) Ted Koppel/Brian Greene/Robert Krulwich ABC NEWS series DVD Studio Musician (uncredited, pre-producer mix)

Baduism (1997) Erykah Badu Umvd Labels

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